About Andy Logan…

Some background on myself, 26 yr old male originally from Bristol UK, now living in Sydney Australia. I moved here in November 2006, having experienced a lot of what Australia had to offer when I travelled around  duing March – April 2005.

I left school at 18 yrs old and spent the first 3 years working for Royal & Sun Alliance in roles ranging from Customer Service to when I first started to Technical Underwriter as well undertaking IT projects on new systems implementation. I was made redundant in 2005 and came to Australia, when I returned I took a job working in a Insurance brokerage for a year and then a Outsourced claims provider for 6 months. At which point I decided to move overseas and come to Sydney Australia.

I started in IT recruitment in Feb 07 and have enjoyed every minute of the trials and tribulations that come with this job, having got through the GFC almost unscathed (I was made redundant in May 09 by Randstad, however managed to find a new position within 4 days working on the Macquarie Bank technology account at Vantage Recruitment) since then I have never looked back.

Recently at Vantage we have been undergoing some significant change, my position is now more business development orientated, I have branched away from concentrating soley on Macquarie and have forged new relationships with new clients within the Wealth Management and Insurance Technology world. 2011 wont be my best year from a billings point of view I dont think, due to the market as a whole and the significant amount of change my business is going through, however I believe that the change that is currently happening will allow my business to be succesful in 2012. All change takes time and this is no exception.

My interests are particularly focussed around Road/Mountain Bike racing. I love to race and have a real passion for it. I love racing my MTB on marathon distance races and really feel that endurance racing is where I am strongest. I also race on the road for Northern Sydney Cycling Club (NSCC) and love riding with the boys there, its a great group and I really enjoy it.

This blog wont concentrate on my time working as a Recruitment Consultant, there are many blogs out there that do that far better than I ever will (Greg Savage’s The Savage Truth is a great one) however it will concentrate on my experience about mountain bike and road bike racing, be that race reports, training reports etc of someone that has an aim to race with the elite guys out there within Australia.


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